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The New Next Generation of Advanced Analytics Today: Data Science and Cognitive Computing by Michael Gonzales, Ph.D
Cognitive Computing is the next generation of applications based on a new approach to creating value. Cognitive computing is a technique that allows humans and computers to collaborate in order to gain insights and knowledge from data by uncovering patterns and anomalies. To accomplish this ambitious goal requires the bringing together of three advanced technologies: machine learning, natural language processing, and big data analytics. In this new era of computing, data is the center of the universe. Using massive amounts of unstructured data, professionals can determine patterns that yield a deep understanding of often hidden meaning. Unlike previous approaches, cognitive computing provides insights that can lead to action. A number of industries ranging from healthcare to financial services and retail are already benefiting from this approach to advanced analytics. This session will explain the fundamentals of cognitive computing, including such issues as creating the corpus to applying machine learning and advanced analytics to solving data-driven problems. Covered topics include:

  • How we got here and foundational services required for a cognitive computing system
  • The role of distributed computing, cloud computing, and data analytics
  • How data is ingested and then trained and cleansed
  • The approaches needed to begin building and maintaining a cognitive application
  • How cognitive computing is evolving from promise to reality
In this presentation you will learn:
  • What is the difference between building/buying a cognitive computing solution and a traditional data-driven solution?
  • What technologies are included in cognitive computing and how are they applied to different use cases?
  • What applications and solutions are the pioneers in cognitive computing and how will they change the way knowledge is managed and leveraged?
  • What does the future of cognitive computing look like?
  • What innovations will happen because of this next generation of big data analytics to support both structured and unstructured data?
This presentation is geared towards:
  • IT and business leaders interested in innovative ways to leverage their unstructured data to solve complex problems; CIOs and CTOs looking at machine learning and cognitive solutions in markets such as healthcare, financial services, retail, and traffic management—to name a few. It is also important for IT leaders to understand cognitive computing since it will become the foundation for a differentiated business strategy for the future.
About Michael Gonzales, Ph.D

Michael Gonzales Michael L. Gonzales has more than 30 years of IT experience as an IT consultant and practitioner. He is a successful author, speaker and consultant who has served in numerous roles throughout his career, including chief architect, data scientist and senior solutions strategist. He specializes in helping global 100 organizations leverage advanced analytics and business intelligence for competitive advantage.


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